2017 Chevy el Camino main

2017 Chevy el Camino

Although this model is not in production for almost three decades, we still remember those fabulous design solutions that characterized all el Camino models. This was a coupe/utility pickup, which was originally launched in 1959. It was produced until 1987. During all these years, we saw five generations of it. Last model was in production for a whole decade. After three decades, interest for this model is still big, especially in last few years, when several rumors about el Camino revival appeared. Latest reports go so far that claim new model will come next year as 2017 Chevy el Camino. However, these are just rumors so, you should take them with big reserve. According to several reports on the internet, we will see a revived legend, which will come as 2017 Chevy el Camino.

2017 Chevy el Camino redesign

2017 Chevy el Camino front view

What could we expect from new model, if it eventually come?Well, it is hard to tell at this moment. For now, we can just speculate. When it is about platform, it could be borrowed from large sedan such as Malibu, or even Impala. However, there are also some that claim 2017 el Camino will be based on GM’s Alpha platform, which is used for performance cars, such as Camaro or Cadillac CTS or ATS. This will mean that new model will come in more performance oriented manner. In any case, for now, we can just sit and wait for some information that could come in the future. Same thing is with visual appearance. We can presume that new model will follow company’s design language, but it is hard to tell in which exact configuration 2017 Chevy el Camino will come.

2017 Chevy el Camino rear view

2017 Chevy el Camino engine

This model will definitely come with plenty of power. GM has several V8 engines that could be installed in 2017 Chevy el Camino. Most likely, it will be a 6.2 liter V8 engine, which will be tuned to around 450 horses for this occasion. This engine will probably come paired with new 8-speed automatic transmission. Also, it is very possible to see 2017 el Camino powered by some smaller and more efficient V6 engine in offer.

2017 Chevy el Camino

2017 Chevy el Camino release date and price

Some reports say that 2017 Chevy el Camino will come next year. For now, it is still unknown will this model even come. It is still early to speculate about price. But we will definitely be surprised to see base price bigger than 30.000 dollars.

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